We are a TEAM!
Dedicated colleagues who make things happen,
from “an idea” to “a project”, from “a project” to “real results”!
We, the architects and the engineers we design civil, industrial
and agricultural works, and We, the consultants, assist you
in obtaining non-reimbursable financing for your
investments projects.



We offer project design services for civil and industrial works,
as well as consultancy services for identifying financing sources, elaborating financing applications and implementing projects.

Thus, we offer an integrated package services, so that our clients are comfortable we assist them from the beginning till the end of the project.

Our experts posses technical, legal and economic knowledge so that
your project is a success one!



We activate on the consultancy market since 2003. We wrote and implemented projects
with non-reimbursable financing by several programmes : SAPARD, PHARE, POR, POS CCE, Fondul de Mediu (Environment Funds), Governmental funds and other financing sources.

Our clients are private as well as public entities.

Identification of the financing opportunities for your business idea, evaluating the applicant’s and project’s eligibility criteria, evaluation of the selection criteria, including recommendations for increasing success of the project;

Elaborating business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, budgets, and estimates;

Other studies and specific documentations;

Consultancy services in collaboration with the institutions involved in issuing notices for the project;

Filling in the financing applications and annexes, including the electronic upload in the corresponding systems: MYSMIS,, platforme, etc.;

Contracting assistance (preparing documents for the contracting phase, on-site assistance)

Consultancy for the procurement procedures;

Elaborating procurement files;

Follow-up of the contracts drawn-up within the financing contract – works, services, goods; Monitoring these contracts;

Filling in the reimbursement applications;

Project management – elaborating the technical-financing reporting, other documents within the contract;

Assistance in relation with the Management Authority: Notices, Additional deeds, etc.;

Post-implementation consultancy services.



All design phases

We offer design services for civil, industrial, agricultural works, both for private as well as for public entities.

We manage all design phases: project idea, modelling, rendering, elaborating technical documentations - Feasibility studies, Technical projects, Documentations for authorization of works, etc.

Also, we offer site assistance in order to ensure our projects are built in a correct manner. Here are some of our most representative projects:



EUROPROIECT SRL has been on the market since 2003, so for quite a long period of time for the Romanian business environment.

From the beginning we have been interested in sustainability, environmental protection, that is why in all our private financing projects, or where the recipients are government institutions, we propose and guide the Beneficiary to implement technical solutions using renewable resources.

For waste management, we have made a partnership with Desman Infomed to provide our customers with advice and assistance in the field.

We are up to date with new trends and present on new markets in this field.



In August 2017, SC EUROPROIECT completed the Feasibility Study for the establishment of the Integrated Training Center for Law Enforcement - ITCLE.

The purpose of setting up "ITCLE" is to specifically support the fulfillment of the competencies of law enforcement agencies by providing them with a specialized training unit complementary to the existing ones. It will optimize the training capacity of the staff and will ensure the conditions for carrying out the training process in an integrated, modern and according to European and international standards.

Beneficiary: Ministry of Internal Affairs Republic of Moldova, General Inspectorate of the Police Republic of Moldova.

On the 27th of September 2017, EUROPROIECT LTD signed a financing agreement with Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds and the Intermediary Institution – ADR SUD-MUNTENIA, in order to modernize its activity – “Modernizing EUROPROIECT’S activity by building a premises”, SMIS code 102182.

The general purpose of the project is to consolidate the market share of the company by ensuring the corresponding endowment and equipment necessary for the day-to-day architecture activity, while observing principles of sustainable growth and equal opportunity.

We are now in the process of implementing this project and we hope for this to be a total success!

EUROPROIECT SRL was present at “The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show in Dubai".

Investments, growth and job creation

EUROPROIECT SRL was the only Romanian firm to attend the business event in the Republic of Serbia, an event related to the status of the country as a candidate country to the European Union. The event was titled "Investments, Growth and Job Creation" and took place on January 31, 2018 at the METROPOL PALACE Hotel in Belgrade.

The agenda of the event included a section for the signing of financing agreements and speeches by important European officials - Antonio TAJANI - President of the European Parliament, Dario SCANNAPIECO - Vice President European Investment Bank, Carlo MONTICELLI - Vice Governor of the European Bank for Development Council, Daniel Berg - Director of EBRD Serbia, etc., as well as host country officials: ministers, representatives of important institutions for business (Serbian Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

The event also included a direct meeting between business representatives, businesspeople from several participating countries (17 countries, 156 participating firms), so-called B2B meetings where meetings were held directly discussed possibilities of cooperation / collaboration, penetration into new markets in the context of globalization.

The event was an important one for Serbia's entire accession to the European Union, but also for the business community that had the opportunity to start possible trade relations with other foreign companies.

Ms. Letiţia Diculescu-Nedelschi participated and represented SC EUROPROIECT SRL at this important event and had a series of bilateral meetings with Serbian companies / institutions for possible collaborations.




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